“Alone” 2014 H.Leigh

alone cropped

When I first began my recovery journey, I didn’t choose to let some friendships go but they chose to stop communicating with me.  It was extremely difficult because some of these friendships saw me through my worst, best, stood through the test of time from my twenties and into my forties, and were some of the most profound friendships I’ve experienced.  I threw myself into school full time and discovered my gift of painting which I didn’t know was inside of me until this process.  Outside of school, I felt truly alone and each time I would want to reach out, all of my important people were gone either by choice or death.  Painting was my way of connecting with the isolation that I felt that words could not describe but my soul had to release.  I felt some days like I was spinning out of control left with my thoughts so loudly screaming at me.  When I painted, my head got quiet and equilibrium would settle in.  Our journey’s are amazing little labyrinths; some days I am in awe at where I am today and how I got here.



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